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One of the great things about being a diver is the chance to travel. Whether it's the close-to-home reefs of the Florida Keys or the far-flung Fiji Islands.


Cozumel is like a second home to thousands of divers who can't get enough of the world-class drift diving, deep walls and anything-goes nightlife.


Visit Bonaire and you'll swear that someone designed it with divers in mind--warm, clear, calm water, gentle TradeWinds, little to no rain, and more than 60 shore diving sites ringing the boomerang-shaped island.


The name of one of Fiji's most famous reef systems, Rainbow Reef, says it all--there are as many reasons to dive here as there are islands in Fiji, but the thing that sets the country's dive sites apart is the mind-boggling array of colors you'll find here.


What's not to love about a place with 40 miles of dive able shoreline? This Dutch Caribbean island's leeward coast features reefs that start just a few kicks from the water's edge, and 1,500 acres of that beautiful underwater terrain is now a protected marine park


Complete your class & pool here, finish your ocean dives on vacation!


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